Well hello everyone. It's May 31st, 2011, and three years ago today, I joined the Tactical Gamer forums. The story of my journey to TG can be found at y two year anniversary post. But boy, have things come a long way from there.

In the past year at TG, I became an admin, and joined the content development team and started TG Cast (which will be back soon!). It's been just a great journey with TG here, and I fell like I've always been here. So I'd like to say a few words to a community or two here at TG.

To 2142:

I'm sorry you are no longer with us, but I was proud to have started with TG here and squad led here. And am also proud to have muddled through the 2142CC and admined a bit when needed. 2142 players, thank you for allowing me to squad lead, and you will be pleased to know that I have scheduled my driver's license test. So SargentKyle, you're first! ;) I had such excellent times here and I once again reference SilentSunshine's quote: "True love never dies... it just loses its server."


Once again, I'm sorry you have fallen to the wayside. I had such a great time having Turbo mock my "crouch walking" and just playing with a great gang of people, despite the fact that I always died first.

To Left 4 Dead 1/2:

Thank you for the knowledge, during the NAQT (National Academic Quiz Tournaments) High School National Championship, we won a playoff game because I knew that the Midnight Riders were from Left 4 Dead 2, even before they mentioned zombies, and got the question so early we got bonus points. To all those I said that I was doing homework, I am done with school so please invite me to play!

To BC2:

I still continue to play this, and I look forward to continuing to the future.

To BF3:

I hope that you unite the community and bring back our 2142 buddies that I miss and love!

Thank you everyone at TG for making these three years, absolutely spectacular.