1:00 PM - Throw DVD, tickets, and costume into car. Drive to friend's house. Watch Deathly Hallows Part 1 with 15 closest friends.
4:00 PM - Dress in costume.
5:00 PM - Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Get stared at by normal people 'cause everyone at our table was costumed.
6:00 PM - Get in line. The wait begins. Chill with Potter fans. Duel. Drink Redbull. Eat Redvines. Sing songs from "A Very Potter Musical" and "A Very Potter Sequel."
7:00 PM - Walk to Target to refuel. Get stopped by people to pose for pictures.
9:30 PM - Enter theater. Run and grab awesome seats.
9:45 PM - Meet cute Ravenclaw guys from rival high school. Take pictures with them.
10:30 PM - Pre-pre-previews begin. Stupid trivia, only 6 non-Potter questions.
11:30 PM - 30 min to go. Pre-previews begin.

12:01 AM - Previews begin.
12:05 AM - Twilight Eclipse preview airs. Entire theater boos and jeers.
12:30 AM - It begins.
3:30 AM - Childhood ends.

So, as you can tell, I have spent my weekend so far saying goodbye to a lifetime of Harry Potter. I'm not kidding on the lifetime thing either: the books were released in 1997, I was born in 1994, and I was reading/being read them in 1999. I have been to every midnight book realse, but never a movie premiere.

Yes, I cried in the theater. I think just about all my friends did (even the guys, and one of them denied it). Seeing the movie at the midnight premiere was fantastic! The energy level is impossible to get in any other viewing. There was cheering at all the right moments. Sharp intakes of breath as people knew that a favorite part was about to happen. And everyone laughed at the right moments, and even a few moments that should not have been funny, but were messed up on screen.

My friends and I were the last to leave the theater.

The movie wasn't perfect. I have issues with it. But what movie is perfect anyway? And there was no way it would ever live up to the books.

But, as a way to "end" Harry Potter, it was perfect.

Here I am, rocking my Gryffindor tie and sweater, along with my wand and replica Time Turner. Unfortunately, you can't see the "Mudblood" scar seemingly etched into my left arm.

"Now isn't really goodbye after all." - Albus Dumbledore

So anyway, it was a good time, and I already saw it again on Saturday. I plan to see this movie quite a few times.

PS: I have my license and a car now! Yes, I finally got to taking my driver's test!

EDIT: Just saw it a third time. Still cried.