Hello TG!

This is my very first blog post; wish me luck!

Lately I have been playing lots of mobile games, mainly the mobile versions of Dead Space and Bad Company 2. It has been a pleasant surprise to see an upward spike in the quality in gameplay and graphics as well as new features such as more and more games using Apple's Game Center. As an iPhone gamer, I confess that I lack knowledge in the Android gaming world, but I would be surprised to hear of improvements in Android games, especially since many of these games are also IOS games.

The newest addition to this rising gaming phenomenon I would like to address is EA's addition of Origin to many of their titles. Dead Space is now an Origin game, and I really hope to see it expand to all their titles, especially Bad Company 2. For those of you familiar with Game Center and OpenFeint, you're in for a surprise. In my opinion, Origin is the fastest, most efficient mobile gaming platform out there. However, it is lacking things such as achievements and gamerscore, which I would really like to see. Here's EA's Origin Mobile page for more info:


I believe EA has a bit of work to do on the app but hey, its still pretty new. I am very optimistic as to what Origin may have in store in the future for us mobile gamers, but all we can do is keep our fingers crossed. Also, if you are mobile gamer like me and want more, SEND FEEDBACK!!! It may seem unimportant, but you know the drill: the more of us that send feedback, the better games get!

For those of you with Game Center or Origin Mobile accounts, add me! My Game Center username is Dr Bob 477, and my Origin name is DrBob477 (what a shock). For those of you who could care less about mobile gaming, I at least got you to read this :)