Today I finally decided to get up off my third point of contact and put a band together. I used to be in a band called Three Years Wasted back in Texas but due to an Army mandated move to Maryland had to leave them behind. It really sucks because we had played a few shows and we all had good fun creating the music that we loved.

It has been really hard for me because I am a music addict. I love to write, and play music and since the move I havent been able to do any of that. I was messing around on my acoustic last night and looked over at where my drums sat collecting dust in boxes and all of a sudden I just said "screw it" set them up and started looking around for musicians. Thats when I made my second realization......The internet lies! I know its hard to believe, but it really does. All I could find where 40+ year old trumpet players that play jazz/blues. Not exactly my cup-o-tea. So, I have decided my search will be put into the "finding the loch ness monster" drawer, as I will always be looking but never finding lol.

Anyway, my "quick blog" has turned into a short story, lol. I will keep you's guys updated on "the quest" and hopefully maybe even have a few songs for you to listen to and critique, but until then I will sit on my drum throne and make puppy dog faces while browsing the classifieds full of "out of work sax player looking for paying gigs" ads.