Last night I decided that my drumset needed cymbals for me to smash on. So a quick trip to my third home (a.k.a Guitar Center, my second home being Game Stop) and I was drooling over the wall of sound that is the guitar section. I had only intended to buy cymbals and a few other parts for my kit. Well, as we are all aware, what we plan and what happens are never the same. I ended up walking out of "Fiddle Center" with a Marshall combo amp and a Les Paul Studio.

The amp is very mighty for its small size and puts out alot of sound. The footswitch is a nice addition allowing me to go back and forth between the clean and overdrive channels without the need of a fancy distortion pedal. The tone is very nice, it actually sounded like its bigger tubed brother. The distortion channel is very clean but has enough umph behind it to really rock heavy songs. The amp also has built in effects like Chorus and Reverb. In my opinion the effects are not up to par with the rest of the amp. They are either too much or not enough, I have yet to find a happy medium in the settings but its still a nice feature. All in all I give the amp a 8/10

The guitar. Where to start. Well, ITS A LES PAUL STUDIO! The sound is just amazing. Crisp and clean and the pickups are just great. Cant exactly remember what they are, the sales dude told me but I was too busy trying to snag free guitar picks. Its all black and has the full body ( the neck isn't a seperate piece), as well as the default pick up switch at the top. This guitar handles lows and highs very well and has no trouble carrying low tones for open chords. The guitar just sounds very clean even when its distorted. The pickups are a dream and the Earnie Ball Super Slinkey strings just complete the package. There is minor fret rattle on some strings but the guitar is new and they haven't been worn down yet so its not that big of a concern. The guitar gets a 9/10.

Overall I am very happy with the current set up. Both items complement each other very well and they both sound great. Between the Marshall and the Pearl drumkit I am sure that my neighbors will either hate me or learn to sing along with "In Flames" within a few days.

Next trip for sure, I will get my cymbals....."Oh look! Distortion pedals!"......