Well my friends, yesterday was "Day One" for me starting up my new workout routine. I have been working out every morning for the past 8 years with the Army PT Program, and I felt like it was time to step it up. So, based off of some feedback from friends at the Fire House who swore by it, I bought the P90X system. I will be recording my results over the next 90 days and posting up at the end of it my "Before and Afters". I will have to say though, that after the first workout yesterday, I hate Tony, he is the devil. My arms and abs are jello. I had never been that burned out after a work out in very very long time. So I am very optomistic about the program.

So Tony, you evil evil man, keep it up and I will keep you guys updated on my progress! Wish Me Luck!

*and pray for my soul cause I'm pretty sure Tony will take it*