Most of my life has been a struggle to be more disciplined. I am entering into the third phase of life now, middle age, wherein the necessity for discipline grows and the consequences for a lack of good self-care becomes more apparent.

Two years and 4 months from now I will hit the big Five-Oh. By then I intend to be in the best shape of my adult life. To that end I am running my second marthon (this one in Montreal next week -- running with my wife by my side all the way -- her third!).

I have dropped 5 pounds from 170 and plan on loosing 5 more by Christmas, then more after that. This Fall semester I'll be able to get back into the pool at the University of Ottawa twice a week, which should make the difference.

Thus far I have run 1500 kilometers this year along with my wife, including my first marathon in May, and by this time next week, another marathon.

And it is still hard to get down this morning and do 30 push ups.

Some things never change.