This is a repost, which brings together all the videos and details about my new rig.

The Final Assembly
Thank you all for so much help. I am quite happy with the rig I have now built, although it is so big it barely fits under the desk, and is too awkward to go on top.

The Sapphire Radeon 5870 GPU was not my first choice, but it will likely be the first thing I upgrade. It is an ugly beast, compared to the Asus cards.

I wasted a few dollars on a keybaord and mouse I do not need, but they will be used to build my bro a rig in the new year (fun stuff -- I wish I had the coin to do this more often!)

I was talked into some less expensive Patriot Viper II ram, which appears fine, and again is a upgradable element if I need more power.

I have yet to install the Corsair water cooler, and will wait until I am ready to fiddle with overclocking (if ever). Although I do need to check on the core temp during this weeks heat wave.

All in all, more power then I need, perhaps, but that is what I wanted, as a year from now "more power than I need' is always less . . .

And finally, here are the related videos of the build: