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The following is a series of three videos that profile the communication and leadership style of [3rd-SFD] BleedingKnee.

BleedingKnee has been a member of TG since January 2007, is 37 years old, and has made 871 posts to TG forums.

Last night was one of the first times in recent memory that I found myself in BleedingKnee's squad, and I immediately recognized the presence of a strong, effective squad leader.

Keeping in mind that there is no one best style of squad leading, and individuals do gravitate toward leaders that match their game style, BleedingKnee provides an example of methodical advances, high situation awareness, and good communication habits that create cohesion and sit rep within the squad.

As a result of our use of an isolated TS squad channel, and layered advance and defence positioning, we were consistently able to maintain positions, effectively advance, and keep the squad operational on any given objective/area for extended periods of time. This is not to say we were perfect (I myself can be seen making many errors in the videos).

The videos that follow were recorded on 28/09/2010 and selected out of 42 individual FRAPS video files (118Gb total).

The videos are not high drama, and are mainly intended as a research resouce for the study of communication and leadership in FPS military-style online games.

(Best viewed in HD)