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I do like the way Back Ops increased the level of gore and realism in some of the violence. In this sequence we see an enemy with a leg reduced to a bloody stump, and he clutches his leg in a realistic fashion. But why the lack of blood? Are designers afraid of blood? Is this a censor/ratings issue?

In later sequences which I am working on capturing, we will see wounded enemies crawl away and reach for their pistols, forcing you to shoot them. This is excellent drama and realism in the AI.

I do like the increased realism in violence, but Black Ops often feels as if the designers were afraid of reality in all its bloody detail. A pity, as these video games still lag far behind some of the best box office hits as far as good old fashion movie gore goes.

This is a genre that sells mostly to adults, but continues to design for children and church widows. Perhaps the designers lack guts . . . bloody guts.

And once again they seriously disrupt the viewing experience with the goofy degradation of the view when you are wounded. This leads to some of the best scenes and most intense drama being partially hidden by a red splotchy screen. Seriously, is this the best solution they could come up with for telling you that your character is wounded? Again, the designers have significantly interrupted our immersion into the drama and story by messing with our field of view. It is as if they neither respect their own art nor the audience's experience of their art.