The WikiLeaks phenomenon is is a confirmation of my thesis in The Empire of Mind:

"When corporations [or the state] attempt to extend their control of meaning over the realm of the Internet the general result is increased consumer [and citizen] activism, the spread of contested symbols [censored material], and an expanding circle of resistance against the privatization of meaning."

See the New York Times:

"The battle lines between supporters of the whistle-blowing Web site WikiLeaks and its detractors began to form on Sunday, as supporters erected numerous copies of the site on the Internet and the United States put pressure on Switzerland not to offer a haven to the site’s founder, Julian Assange.

Since several major Internet companies cut off services to WikiLeaks in recent days, activists have created hundreds of mirror sites, Web sites that host exact copies of another site’s content, making censorship difficult.

The collective Anonymous, an informal but notorious group of hackers and activists, also declared war on Sunday against enemies of Mr. Assange, calling on supporters to attack sites companies that do not support WikiLeaks and to spread the leaked material online."