Either around 23:00 EST tonight or throughout tomorrow (Friday) evening, I will run another Squad Cohesion Drill (SCD).

All are welcome, first come first served, and I'll rotate individuals in if there is overflow. The SCD squad will be open to two extra members at any given time, bringing the squad to a total of six.

Note that when you participate in SCDs the game objectives are secondary to the training objectives of the drill.

Please read the following, and the initial post in this thread, before participating:

I am the squad leader. These sessions are intended to improve my squad leading skills as well as the cohesion skills of the participants. There are better, more capable squad leaders, but this is my baby.

You will be placed in either Alpha or Bravo fireteam. Your primary task is to stay with your fireteam leader so that when an enemy is encountered, all members of the fireteam can attack the target.

The SCDs are a training session, and as such they will unfold at their own pace, which may at times be considerably slower than the usual BC2 gameplay. With practice, the pace of the SCDs will increase.

Always respawn on your fireteam leader unless otherwise directed.

See you in game!