I am reposting WiskeySix's note on the use of Contact Reports -- good stuff, and underused in the BC2 servers at present.

What is a Contact Report?
A contact report is a standardized procedure for reporting [over radio] encounters with enemy forces. The standard is based on NATO SOP, and is optimized to minimize extraneous radio traffic - so everyone listening on the radio net quickly understands the nature and scope of the enemy threat.

Why have a Contact Report?

Everyone has heard this type of over VoIP:
  • "uhhh.... bunch of bad guys over to the left!"
  • "Guy by the building!"
  • "I just ran out by the containers and saw some guys coming along the water. I wasn't able to kill any of them since I'm stuck with this damn engie SMG. Last round we did the same thing - swam around to where the helo spawns and hung out there, it was awesome. They didn't flush us out for like 5 minutes!"

Without a standard, it's easy for there to be too little or too much information. The whole point of a contact report is to convey the most important information in the most efficient way.

Contact Report Format:
You don't have to talk like a robot or air-traffic controller when making a contact report; as long as it includes the following information, you should communicate using your natural way of speaking
  1. Where are the enemy?
  2. What is their estimated strength, type and armament.
  3. What appears to be their intentions and/or direction of travel.

As you can see in the following examples, aside from the word "Contact" starting each broadcast, the content of the report is the only thing standardized:
  • "CONTACTS! behind the container to the west! At least three infantry headed towards the helipad!"
  • "CONTACT! APC behind that outhouse looking building - I'll try getting a dart on him."
  • "CONTACTS! multiple infantry coming from the B area
  • "CONTACTS on A! Two guys!

Important Notes:
- For obvious reasons, Contact Reports are Priority radio transmissions. In other words, when you hear the operative word CONTACT, the entire radio net should go quiet and listen for the information.

- Contact Reports can be over-used. If the entire fire team is geographically in the same area and everyone sees the same threat, often it's redundant to broadcast a Contact Report. The key is to use one's own best judgment.

After a bit of practice using this technique, it becomes almost second nature and makes it much easier to communicate enemy threats, improving the overall SA (situational awareness) of the entire team / squad. We strongly encourage all players on our Bad Company 2 servers to utilize this standard methodology for making Contact Reports.