We work hard at our jobs, hard at acquisition, status maintenance and status competition. Some say we even work hard at playing and play hard at work. But what is very clear is that there is a general neglect of the body in many advanced industrial societies, including Canada.

My biggest challenge in life is not to write another book, not to constantly improve my teaching, not to become a better conference speaker, a better friend, a better husband (all of which leave much room for improvement).

The biggest challenge in my life is the care of my body.

I am facing my third marathon this coming Sunday. I'm going in ill trained, overweight, under-stretched -- but I'll run it anyway and do my darnedest to keep up with my wife, and failing that, I'll crawl across the finish line if need be.

She does 50 push ups. I'm struggling at 31. I call her Iron-Wife, my ball-busting Coach Cleats.

More on Sunday's marathon here in Ottawa in future posts -- I think I will pick up a small pocket shooter to film the run.

Right now it is the care of the self that consumes me with worry and compels me to action.

Getting old is not for sissies. It is quite clear to me that the older we get, the more time and effort we need to devote to the care of our much neglected bodies.

Time to get those dumbbells out from under my bed.

They're no use to me there.