I could not bring my camera with me on the run because of the rain :-(

Ran for 4 hours, 44 minutes, and 41 seconds
Lost 4 pounds of water.
Finished with a 'PB' time (personal best) almost 5 minutes faster than my last marathon.
Burned approx 3,000 calories.
Lost two more toenails (tried a shoe half size smaller). Toenails quickly turn black, become very painful for a few days, and fall off after a month or more (they grow back...).
Average pace was 6:30/kilometre.
Average heart rate was 143.
Highest heart rate was 173.
Finished hand in hand with my wife.
(Garmin site with the route and data might be accessible to you here).

This chart shows my heart rate. the sharp drops are bathroom breaks and walking breaks. I use the run/walk method, one minute walk after every ten minutes of running, which greatly reduced injury and actually improves time.

Long Version: