After a few months of playing BC2 with the Assault kit I switched back to my old specialty, Medic.

Last night I was a reviving demon. Unfortunately, forgot to turn on Fraps, so I missed an excellent video record of me supporting a frontline of UnLoad, XBadger and others on Harvest map.

I was reminded of a basic Medic SOP (for me).

I cannot keep up with the elite players when they are running and gunning, so my best use as a Medic is supporting an advancing front line from the rear, as opposed to trying to stay alive in the midst of constant Close Quarter Battles.

As Medic I'll have to pick my battles with care -- supporting sectors and front lines as opposed to wild mêlées and CBQs between the elite players, as I simply end up as toast in CBQs. I don't have the reaction time of 20 year old anymore . . .

When I play as Assault I am almost always at the bottom of the end-of-round Team stats.

When I play as Medic I am usually in the top ten.

Curiously, the less I kill, the higher my score.

Standby for

The Return of the Medic

Coming soon in HD to a browser near you.