I have close to 500,000 total views on YouTube (admittedly, mostly due to one video of my aquarium shaking during an earthquake), a rather cool name (Dr. Strangelove), a few books authored (but none that make any real cash), and 20 years of experience in self-publishing on the Internet, so how do I cash in on my modest knowledge of the Internet?

Seventeen years ago I started one of Canada's first Internet companies (fun, hell, divorce, bankruptcy).

Time to try something new and entrepreneurial.

For years I have been thinking about creating a YouTube personality and channel with the intent of attracting an audience and generating advertising revenue (hey, after all, I did write the very first book about how to advertise on the Internet some 15 years ago).

Certainly, this is no easy task -- almost everyone is trying to get attention in the crowded marketplace of the new attention economy.

Looking at my videos that draw over 1,000 views, they break down into:

Start Trek modelling
Academic analysis of gaming
Ranting about something or someone in the news
Anything about women and sex
Discussions of popular products

The rant category is as full as any of the other categories, but it comes naturally to me, and I do not have to be a busty 16 year old girl to pull it off (although that would be an asset).

So after hearing my 11 and 12 year old nieces use the phrase "pooched in the dome" I decided to create a YouTube channel titled

Pooched in the Head

and a Google blog Pooched in the Head to go with it (might as well use all Google properties in the media mix).

I just did the initial set up a few minutes ago, so there is nothing to see as yet.

My plan is to focus my blogging and videography activities into creating a video-based YouTube personality that comments on popular culture, news, products, and general weirdness.

I may be pooched in the head for trying but I might as well give it a try.

Later today or tomorrow I'll make the first video.

Now to find something to rant about . . .