I once played quite a bit of ArmA back in 2007, but grew tired of fighting bots. I study the human side of online media systems at the University of Ottawa, so I am much more interested in PvP online gaming.

The Project Reality team just released PR:ArmA2 -- and an old friend of mine, John CANavar, jumped into the game. With many TG players interested in the high level of team work that ArmA + PR makes possible, individuals such as Jeepo, Grunt, (also old warrior buddies) and others, I expect that PR:ArmA2 will provide an arena for high level teamwork that never quite materialized in BC2 or 2142.

So yesterday I bought the ArmA X collection from Steam, downloaded the PR:ArmA2 mod file, and took a trip on a helo.

The graphics are destined to remain so very 2005, due to the game engine limitation I assume.

But the game play should make up for the rather dated visual quality.

More later on E-Male's return to ArmA.