Not the normal tags. Canada's Army run, a 1/2 marathon, gives out 'tags' to all finishers. This was the fourth annual, my wife and I have run all four.

Today we ran a personal best time for our 1/2 marathons (I have run a total of 6):

finishing today in 2:00:43. I had hoped to finish under 2 hours, but I always finish hand in hand with my wife, and she was giving all she had to give today.

In the category of men 40 - 49 years old I finished 670/1018 and 2100/3236 in all of males.

Not bad for an old man of (almost) 49 years.

Here are all my running metals (not much to brag about, really, as some have run hundreds of marathons, and much faster than I):

The Army Run is Canada's fastest growing run, with 15,000 people running today. The starting line is two blocks from my front door, and four blocks below Parliament Hill.

We run in support of wounded soldiers and military families (I am an army brat).

I support the men and women of the military. I do not agree with many of their missions.

War is the failure of a democracy. It is not its finest moment.

And the best use of killing machines is as a playground for our children.