The 1stMIP channel has just hit 50,000 views. Not bad considering that the first video was posted 4 Oct 2011.

Each video has prominent TG branding elements to help promote our community.

Traffic sources are interesting:
29% YouTube suggested video
26% External website
13.5% YouTube channel page
11% Mobile apps and direct traffic

Current rate of growth is 500 views per day.

The most popular series appears to be the "Common Mistakes" feature.

Here are some of the comments (I delete the rudest ones . . .):

dude love ur vids and ur excellent at playing the game how its meant to be played. But do we need ultra close ups of one of your eye's or up your nose or ur chin lol?


Would pluck your skull from docks while eating a sandwich..
boring gameplay
Probably the most boring ***it i've ever seen in my life.

Got to say I love your videos. Your tactics are clear and effective. I'm squad leader for a PS3 clan BF3 sqd we are slowly starting to come together and work as a team.

your reflexes are sooooo off man. despite you being ready for the suppression you let 2 seconds go by before you shot at even got shot. tsk tsk tsk

Nice team play bud, is not the way you can win the battle. To passive! I am playing without mic and was playing with far more efficient teams.

It sucks how even though you guys are trying to play awesomely, 2 guys running around like headless chickens easily take you guys out messing up everything.

So camp out in a corner like a COD fag, And accomplish nothing for your team... Good strategy douche.
Hi I noticed that in your video's, you and your platoon have very organized terminology when on the battlefield. You seem to talk as if you were really in the military. Can you please make a video giving tips on how to stay organized as a team and how to move together effectively?

I saw a couple of your guys' video's, and I am highly impressed. That play style, actual small unit tactics, teamwork, is what I have been looking for. I play on the ps3, if that makes any difference.

Im just looking for some more information on you guys, play times, etc.

I mostly play at night, though my times change alot, as I am currently in the military and it consumes a majority of my life haha.

As a fellow academic I appreciate your hard work in creating your videos. My colleagues and I enjoy your game play videos from 1st MIP. I personally play Battlefield (1942, 2, & 3), but my colleagues do not. Keep up the videos-I am learning a lot!