Here is some more of the feedback I have been getting on YouTube from my TG 1stMIP videos.

Most of the viewers appear to have little understanding of the potential of cohesive teamwork within a squad. The most frequent comment is "too slow" -- an indication of the run and gun mentality that pervades the game. There appears to be very little understanding of the role of defense. Many individuals clearly think that the number one priority is to move as fast as you can.

Comments also reveal a fairly immature bragging mentality (to say nothing of a lack of correct spelling and grammar). "I could kill all of your squad" is a frequent boast and also reveals a basic misunderstanding of the physics of force ratio!.

Viewers often refer to Modern Warfare and CoD when they describe the dominant way people play on BF3 (run and gun).

Viewers often express the desire to see more of the 1stMIP style of play (teamwork, communication, cohesion, command and control) and also often express utter disdain for the 1stMIP style.

The tactical retreat is clearly misunderstood by many players (some will proudly proclaim "I never retreat") and seldom employed.

Reading between the lines (and the lines themselves) of the comments reveals much about the dominant culture of online gaming. These comments provide much food for thought for my ethnographic study of online military gaming.

You hold a position wait for the enemy kill them then move but there is no point in retreating, you wasted some nice rounds on the ticket booth glass instead of your enemies! nice way of playing but you need to be aggressive aswell :-)
This is brilliant tactics/comunnications, but its very ahrd to get a squad to follow these tactics let alone 2 squads , as most people like to do there own thing , as i like to do this sort of tactics , so if anybody wants to play the game with comunnication and tactics let me know my my channel or add me on xbox its j0hnp123
that is awesome.... but will never work on a pub server cos MW n00bs are all like LAST KILL IS MINE LETS RUSH THEM NOAW
wow people who know how to play tired of modern warfare people trying to play like its the same game no teamwork whatsoever need u guys on ps3
Umm not too bad of communications. You deff have a shoot move communicate thing going on. However you can do 2 things a bit better (if you use the spot (Comm Rose) and highlight an objetive it highlites that flag and when/if you cap it you and your squad get order followed points.

Also i'd try to better support the squad smoke morters, recon Mav etc. but i wouldn't doubt it if this was just a random game you guys were playing.

Anyways great job, looks like your all having fun.
I doubt that epically bad shooting skills are gonna make a difference when you're firing an LMG which throws lead all over the place anyway.

There's a reason why this guy is support; that class hardly anybody goes because there's no "glory" in it. When you've played FPSs for some time, you're 49 years old, and prefer being a team player, you get to know your strengths and weaknesses.

There may always be someone half your age who's at least twice as good but

old age + treachery > youth + skill
Ahahaha u guys suck, u don't even move around the map and screw those fireteams, anyone could survive at one spot for 5 minutes
great tips. good upload for the newbies with no knowledge of tactics and advancement techniques. keep up the good work educating the young ones
the time you take to kill 2 player in same that time it will take me to kill 5-6 o.0
Bull***t!!! I like to play against noobs like you...
Nice demo, but the other team seemed to have the advantage. Is this method really effective for fast paced matches?
longer videos pleease
this strategy is brilliant
-- Referring to John CANavar's innovation of busting holes in the wall above Charlie flag on Tehran Highway.

I wish more people played like you. Well played Sir.
ahahahahahah... what a bunch of sad people! What the hell ... LoooooL... you canīt be serious! GET A LIFE!
He has a 0.67 Winn/loss over 300 games btw, thats how effective they are ^^
Is this guy Canadian?
These guys are cool to meh! haha dont be a dick they probably way better then youll ever be in battlefield 3! Many people that join clans like these are retired veterans! Show some respect. Your vids are great 1stMIP
Do u guys use the in game squad leader mechanic. I mean the ability for the squad leader to give orders to his squad. I believe it is done by pressing select or back or q.
And this one from the TG forums:

Originally posted by Pyxis View Post
I played MW3 for a few years, never too seriously and was always aggravated by the lack of team play and the childish posturing and language (I am 43). When BF3 was about to be released, I looked into it and saw that there was a lot of people in the MW3 world doggin' BF for the "campers" and "slow play" and "having to work together"... eureka! That led to me looking online for just how true the complaints might be and I stumbled on E-Male's videos and was completely dumbfounded as that was exactly the kind of play I was hoping to find and had given up on. From his videos I went to the TG website and found out about TS and started using your servers. I have tried a few others but once you experience the TG way, you can never go back!

So long story short, to answer Arithea's question about how new people find you, that is my story. And a big, big thank you to E-Male for the time and effort you put into your videos and I agree with your comment about the best forms of outreach. I pretty much suck, but every time I get frustrated I have had a TG squad mate provide encouragement or a suggestion on how to improve and that is pretty much unheard of anywhere else.
Next I will compile feedback from the Battlelog forums -- an very intolerant group that denigrates anything different!