From a post to the blog:
Just a short note to say how much I have enjoyed your videos and hope you keep producing them. They tap into what is the huge potential offered by BF3 for satisfying, exciting, and meaningful gaming.

I am older than Dirt, and have been gaming since God was a Corporal……since Pong anyway. I have played them all……I have come to be totally fed up with the most common form of gameplay out there….”run-an-gun”. What your videos demonstrate is that there is an alternative to that…..that it is possible to escape into a world, virtual though it may be, where forethought counts, where there is honor and dedication…and sacrifice for the greater good.

I have personally known a number of WWII veterans over the years…..they landed on Omaha, they were in the 101st on D-Day, they fought through Guadalcanal, they were B-17 crew……I have always wished I could get just a taste of what it is they experienced……the teamwork, the camaraderie, the chaos of battle. I am not finding a path to that through “run-an-gun” and that is why I find your work, your videos, so refreshing.

I would love to be a member of your team, but I’m afraid I am too old and slow any more. On the other hand I am an amateur military historian, understand strategy and tactics, and most importantly, can follow orders.

Regardless, please keep up your efforts and crank out the videos……it’s a pleasure watching you work.