Here is the first in a series of notable opinions I have found in TG threads:

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Personally i have noticed a huge difference between TG's bf3 servers and others, i have played with TG since bf2 and quite frankly i ALWAYS see the huge difference between regular servers and TG's mostly because people play on TG for the team play. In my opinion because people come to TG to play proper team co-ordination, the negative effects of selfishness that are associated with the progression system in bf3 are mostly gone due to the players on TG not putting it ahead of teamwork. Ultimately the team that communicates and co-ordinates better wins the battle (most of the time), I have never been in a squad on tactical gamer where people leave due to the team being behind if anything it makes them more determined to win with a rousing counter attack and i haven't seen any teamstacking on tg that your talking about.