The goal of squad leading in the virtual environment of military games is not to emulate the specific manner of squad leading in real life. For now I'll not go into the many reasons why this would be an error. For those acquainted with online military first person shooters such as Battlefield 3 such an digression is unnecessary. Having said this, it must also be said that much is to be learned from real life tactics, strategies, and the standard operating procedures of infantry squads.

Many individuals who describe online gaming as a hobby are also students of military history and tactics. Consider the comments of oldtimer49:

. . . I am an amateur military historian, understand strategy and tactics, and most importantly, can follow orders.
My own style of leadership is what I call the water carrier method.

A footballer on the French national team, Eric Cantona, once famously described the role of Didier Deschamp as that of a ‘water-carrier’. This remark has been misunderstood as a mere slight against Deschamp, suggesting that Deschamp's role was to serve the ball to more skillful players who would then make the goals. Deschamp's record is second to none in the history of football, so we need to think deeper about the role of water carrying than just a simplistic good, better, best hierarchy of skill.

I see my squad leading role as a facilitator. I try to ensure that my men are in the proper position relative to each other and the enemy so they can make the shot, kill the enemy, and get the score.