My videos that record a defensive posture often attract a fair amount of negative comments, which I believe arises from the dominant run and gun mentality of many young gamers. Consider a few of the comments posted in reply to the following two-video record of our defense of the TV station:

ok matey, but how fun is it to just "drive around" on a FPS game ?!?! I got bored of watching after 2mins, can't imagine playing like you'll get very few points ?!?!....what I do honestly is just drive the jeep myself and then switch to the gun to shoot a heli down or kill enemies...later.
Amazing amount of patience. There's no way I could watch all those flags belong to the enemy. But I'd prob. end up getting killed running around lol.
a good squad can make or break the game. This was not so. All you did was defend (for the most part) uncontested points. That WOULD have been a smart thing to if that was where the enemy firepower was attempting to be, but it was all taking the other points.

Which is primarily why your team lost.
It is always curious to see blame laid on one squad for the whole team losing a round (odds are that many other factors are at work).

What comes across often in the feedback is an irrational understanding of cause and effect and commentary that presumes foreknowledge of what would of happened if other actions were taken.