I have been posting videos to Battlelog and the response has been quite interesting. The comments indicate how many players just do not get that there is more than one viable way to play the game. The comments also reveals the degree to which "Aesthetic intolerance can be terribly violent", as Pierre Bourdieu once noted.

There is often witnessed a hatred towards that which is different.

No matter.

Battlelog forums are very useful for mapping the culture of online gaming. Here is the video I most recently posted there and some of the comments from the thread.

lol, here we go again...I admire your persistance to try and convince everyone your tactics work, E-male.

Just a disclaimer for everyone who will respond:

this guy is possibly the best forum troll I have ever come across. well done jackass!! :)
Many may not believe me but E-Male has improved his game.He is actively defending 3 flags as opposed to the single flag in other videos.Not only that but this time he defended against a real attack and was in multiple gunfights.Your aim is also improving E-Male,nice job on burst firing that MAV and taking it down so quickly and taking out that VDV gunner.
Well actually that wasnt so bad, you and your team did a great job defending for a long time, even if you dont kill that much you understand how and where to defend, it sucks when you lose those points across the river.
I'm sorry but he is failing at this game. He'd rock at ArmA but here it's BF3
Good strategy on paper although you won, the enemy did manage to break your defence and take the flag across the water at Gulf I think, again Recon may have worked if you deployed the Soflam in an optimal area looking down and towards the train track and the Alpha and Charlie. You should of had someone covering the other side of the train tracks you were on to prevent enemies from advancing from that side which did happen with the fast mover. You were eventually pushed back to the Foxtrot though which means your strategy for preventing the enemy from attacking Gulf and Foxtrot failed.
The only real problem was a "fast-mover" made it with ease to Golf. Im sure next time you'll plan better for that potential situation.

I did like your use of the jeep (rarely used in that manner) and how your team adapted to postitions covering Foxtrot to prevent an overrun from Golf.

Whatevs to the naysayers and keep having fun your way. Wish I could play more passive like that but the games Im in always require me to be capping like a mad man.
And one of my personal favorites . . .

You know what's worst about this whole business? He reminds me of my dad. Stubborn, playing with tactics and able to have fun in a game where he's definitely not a star player. Not by trolling, but by playing the way he wants to play. Still, as long as he has fun I suppose it's all cool - after all, no one is forced to follow his advice. Or join the servers he plays on.
I just don't like how he brushes off criticism, removes negative posts from his youtube page, or constantly claiming his tactics work when it appears as though they hurt the team more than help the team.

On another note this video is an improvement from his previous ones.
It did not work as in that the strategy and goal was to prevent the enemy from attacking Gulf and Foxtrot, which they did.
Biting off a bigger chunk of the map is definitely a step in the right direction and they get in plenty of firefights to show that covering the area was worthwhile. Their position held that section against multiple attacks and when the buggy got through they isolated the flag. Had they not been there that whole back section might have been ninja'd before anyone even noticed.
Looks, lets just give the guy some encouragement this time, he did something much better than before, a step in the right direction.
Too much focus on the infantry incoming from the hill, while the bridge is entirely unguarded. Which led to the failure to hold the crossing. First, E-male himself could have used a sniper kit, since he works long range all the time, and is serving as a spawn point. Snipers have, well, sniper rifles and the radio spawn point. Support has nothing in regard to both roles. Second, mine the goddamn bridge and the river crossing. This would prevent both jeeps from entering the defended flags.

Still I think it's an improvement in regard to the previous videos. Although the incoming infantry were clearly rather disorganized, a communicating squad with multiple spawn points in the area has no difficulty at all. Your position could have been blown away by a single decent sniper on the hill near the US base. People camping in jeeps always make juicy targets. The same issue with a half decent IFV driver going along the hill and then the river bank, you were totally unprepared for that (again, mines).
A big plus plus the great communication and teamwork, but I still find that you are too passive. I'd like to see the well organized squad of yours move up and attack.
I don't think anyone could argue with the way E-male played and led during this game. For once (no offense E-Male) his tactics were perfectly suited for the gametype.
I've learned the true purpose of these tactics.

All you need to do, is join the server he tries them on, and repeatedly take out his squad. They all hang within 50m of each other, hardly move at all and are really easy to take out.

It's the perfect way to get squad wipe ribbons. Got 4 just this afternoon. My favourite was when they were all hanging on that hill almost all stationary near B on Wake trying to stinger jets. Big fail, and so, so, so easy to take out.

Trick is finding them though, 'cos they usually hang at the back of it all, so you've gotta sneak past the rest of his team.
And not a bad job done either, best yet actually :D Still don't agree with your play style, but props are deserved none the less.

I can safely say that your unit did actually have an affect on the outcome of the round, considering you held off three or four waves of attacks on the flags your were defending. I know they got through in the end, but that's the nature of the game. You didn't sit back and do nothing about it, you mounted a full on assault. Yep very good round, well done E-Male and crew.