Some more interesting comments from viewers of my videos on Battlelog:

I've said before that E-Male's vids do have interesting qualities so long as you critically appraise them and take only what is of use to you. I'm glad to see that E-Male is, at very least, finding a game mode where his esoteric, essentially roleplaying, style and the objectives of the game overlap. I've also said before that it's great that people are thinking about this game and how it's played. If their ideas suck then it is of no import, it's driven by the same impulse as that Symthic chap (whose contribution to our understanding of the technical environment we game in is singular) and it's that willingness to produce content and contribute that keeps a game alive. Thinking communities mean there's still fortunes of people playing and enjoying the original X-COM and the like. -- locksymania

While E-Male's squad makes mistakes and it's easy to point these out, the basic concept is right.

Take control of the majority of flags (I know this is one mistake in the video) and defend this, if the cross-squand management is right, other squads can go on raids to take other flag to push the ticket loss, but you have to keep the majority of flags to win.

This is the basic concept for all battles, take ground and keep it, basics of war since sticks and stones.

However this doesn't make for super fast stat gain and gets you a 101 Colonel, so to aid the willy wavers you see a roaming COD battle where large groups of people fight over one or two flags until someone gets bored and runs to another flag and a load of sheep follow, loop.

To those giving alternatives, great, I support the use of a recon in this squad in this position, but along side a support for suppression, suppression will hold targets for the recon. This is all good for the long range of this position. I also agree they left the back door to open as their line of fire was too focussed to the steps and water. Took so long for the opposition to run a jeep through there!

But don't knock E-Males tactics completely, he's showing what they tried, how many teams take this and improve on it, it's building blocks, top blocks rely on the bottom blocks.

To those mocking and not suggesting, nothing but troll feeders. Worse than trolls.

While BF3 is not Arma3 it's also not MW3. Play the tactics not your stats. -- mahatmadango
and this one . . .

E-Male is the king of all trolls.