Some more recent feedback from the 1stMIP videos on YouTube. I appreciate the feedback, but the professor in me cringes at the often appalling spelling and grammar . . .

Great communication, Bad gameplay
Very professional operation love the way you guys role proper.
nice teamwork! to much rambo's spoil this game.
Nothing is more epic than a highly organized squad encountering another organized squad. :D
They killed you because they are better than you. Y U NO RAMBO THEM?!
I Do love your videos but i wish you were getting involved more. and getting more kills and stuff. I know that you are helping the team whenever you use your tactics but the rest of your team not in your squad wont realise and then it doesnt quite work.

However i have a squad of mates from schhool and we like to play squad rush. We do try to play like you but we just kinda try to cover the map and stuff. If you could do some squad rush tactics of you and a full squad dominating. Thanks
would it not benefit the entire team more if your whole squad moves together from point to point capturing objectives? that's why your men keep getting picked off, cause you guys held the same position way too long. the enemy knew where you were. i personally think rapid squad movement from point to point is extremely effective. keeps the enemy guessing where you are and where your coming from. keeps them on their toes, therefore they WILL NOT have time to regroup and plan their defense.
Proof at how great this game can be when played right!
Although some times I disagree with your tactics, I must say you area class A person, you're taking the fourms beating with pride, Keep on trucking e-male
i watched some of your videos and i must admit that alghout i like playing tactical, you can0t play SO ****ing tactical with random guys around you. SO all those memes are casue you are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW. when you contact someone you just hide, i've never seen you flanking anyone yet ^^