The 1stMIP YouTube channel I created back in October 2011 now has over 127,000 views and is growing at a rate of over 1,000 views a day. Too bad I cannot monetize in-game video!

The channel has a fair amount of subscriber churn (I think most people expect frag videos) but growth is solid with a few new subscribers every day and a total of 358 so far.

Comments are more negative than positive, but I am not trying to win a popularity contest or make converts.

These are training videos for the 1stMIP and documentaries of a different way to play the game.

All the videos include strong Tactical Gamer branding to help promote TG (and with good results). I make no claim to represent TG or the TG style, but the videos do capture the communication and command (following orders) that characterizes the TG community.

The curious thing about the new channel design that YouTube is forcing on all users is that it buries channel comments and reduces design options.

I puzzled over why YouTube made such retrograde changes and then it struck me. When you select a video from a channel's list of videos it no longer plays within the channel. Now it plays on a general (and ugly) page. This gives YouTube more control over ad placement and featured videos.

Follow the money.