At 12:32 PM (EST) today my new book (in progress) just reached 10,000 words. I find the first 10,000 to be much harder than the last 10,000. By the time I reach half-way, a book tends to come poring off my fingers as I type. But the first ten thousand is a painful journey as I grope for the main threads of the subject and slowly discover what exactly is the subject I am writing about. A book slowly reveals itself to the author. Each new paragraph and each new page sheds light on the next.

And so the printed page taped to a cupboard door in my kitchen with the number 9,505 will come down at the end of today and be replaced with a page that says 10,xxx.

I promised my publisher a 75,000 word manuscript by November. 370 words, five days a week, for the next 8 months and I shall deliver my fifth book a few weeks before my fifty birthday.

Sometimes life is all about numbers.