My goal is 100,000 by reading week (last week of October) so I am going to make it.

I finished the first complete version of the manuscript. Now I'll spend 3 weeks adding bits of data here and there, then format the text for the peer review process and send it to the University of Toronto Press on Oct 31, 12 days before my 50th birthday.

And then after my birthday I'll begin writing my 5th book.


From the conclusion:
This century may prove to be one of great distress and conflict. It is this context that will condition how the audience uses any new communication capabilities. Mass involvement in video making, the rise of amateur reporters and budding documentarians, the simple ability to point a camera and upload the scene, almost instantly, to a global audience all this new media activity will play a role in the fight to define exactly what our local and global situation is and what should be done about it. Context will condition content.
Oh, and this . . .