An AAR worth studying:

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Unfortunately I have neither screenshots or any video to show. So I'd like to start by saying, if you have any media or reports/opinions to add from this night, please post it here!
So yesterday we ran as an Infantry only platoon. The setup was: all on foot, the only vehicles allowed are a few Sundy's as redundant spawns. Our baseline-spawn was provided by our spawn beacons. Sundy's where used as offensive spawns and occasionally to grab a kit.

Our MO was very simple, although somewhat different than usual reasoning. Written as a "how to" guide, so other people can use some techniques that worked.

1) Set all beacons at platoon waypoint.
I would put the waypoint in a spot +-300m from the flag. All the SL's had to put their beacons exactly on that waypoint to assure they were up or down together, streamlining platoon organisation.

2) Designate squad-objectives with colored smoke.
The 4 smokes make it possible to set 4 sub-objectives for each squad. Usually three squads would provide a base of fire from ridges around the enemies we are attacking. One squad would be moving in the thick of it to capture a control point or destroy e.g. a sundy. Thus respecting the iirc 3 to 1 ratio accepted in military doctrine for suppression and flanking. (number of soldiers supressing vs number of soldier moving in/flanking)

3) Squadleaders place green waypoint on squad-objective
This isn't always necessary, but probably a good sop here, as only the bottom of the smoke is colored. Iit is easier for squad-members to find their way with the green waypoint. The smoke is used more as a means of communication from PL to SL.

4) Defend/attack objective until given new orders.
Whatever happens -WHATEVER as in even when things are completely fubar- squads hold or attempt to retake their objectives until further orders. This is key and this was working amazingly once the squads got into the habit of it. It was especially effective once people experienced that it worked. Once this happened, the platoon was on a roll it seemed.

When the squads stay organized in the middle of total combat chaos, what they did last night, then the gold wind blows.
Then the Platoon leader can make battle altering decisions on a dime. This is what armies all over the world focus nearly all of their training on; on retaining the ability to act as an organised unit in the thick of battle.

In the 'battle of Indar Comms" last night as one example,
we defended against first a suicidal zerg rush (armor+infantry) by raining down the holy annihilator fire on them in just awesome volleys of sparkly death.
After what seemed like a warcrime on our part, commited against them innocent TR smurfs :). The enemy got a foothold on our west flank just next to the base. Sundy spawns with armor supporting of approximately platoon-strength caused our west squad to die several times. The Battle was locked for long minutes in the very middle of the Indar Comm Array. All squads were admirably sticking to their objectives. The furthest squad was not on the front line, but they had a lot of AA at our spawn and covered our flanks. It looked like we were being overwhelmed, but somehow the battle stalled in a lethal back and forth were we fought over mere meters. All troughout the squad that was pushed off tried to regain it's ground assisted by the squad to whom's position they were pushed back.

Then at one point we gained a good 50 meters on them and they felt a bit weak. I asked all squads to rush them. It was glorious wave, rolling over a good bunch of enemies with beautiful violence.

So the end of the how-to guide got a bit into the aar:

It was a long session so I won't go into specific moments much. When we started doing this infantry only, and walking often 800m to reach an objective, our numbers in the platoon kept growing consistently. Showing that this is an attractive way for people to play, maybe even more so an attractive way for public players to join us in a meaningful way.

Once we started using the smoke designation system, I noticed squads moving together on the map like I have never seen before. More often than not, even when I didn't ask, the squads were uni-colored blobs on adjacent positions on the map. This is remarkable to me. Our numbers kept growing and pretty soon we had four full squads doing this.

It seemed people, squads, really got on a roll. They picked up the habit of rolling with their color :p, over the habit of deciding for themselves where to go. We were all getting shots, all getting kills, points for ammo, revives anyway, and it was working we were getting easy kills. We were flanking platoons moving perpendicular to us, and just murdering them as they struggled to realize in time the gravity of their situation.

I asked squads to trust the other squads to perform their role, and help them by performing their own role instead of trying got do the other guy's job. We used proximity to tell people 'hey dude you're walking with the wrong color, please go to your squad'. And they did so.

It was a total blast to platoon lead yesterday. We defended against attacks, as huge as one could possibly defend against. We took many points decisively. We got superior positioning on the flanks of enemies on countless occasions, allowing us to kill many many foes. I personally had an amazing sense of control as so many tactical options became available to me as the platoon got into this amazing groove. I recommend all platoon leaders have a go at this, or at least consider using some of the techniques found effective yesterday. One key remark here is that they have changed the rendering distance for colored smoke from +-50m to hundreds of meters. Without that this would not have worked. I think the use of the smoke, while a technicality, was really a key element to yesterday's kind experience. I recommend people on the platoon-leading list at some point invest in getting the 4 smokes.

Yesterday was for me truly the type of experience that I imagine when I think of TG. And I wish to commend everyone in the ps2 community for the way we are evolving our play, withe moment of relaxed play, and moments of more organised play mixing pleasantly imo. At the same time I see a steady increase in our ability to work together effectively.

I certainly was not the only one having a ball yesterday, that I know. Many of the public players that fell into the platoon asked for more information about our outfit, shared their appreciating in our playstyle. Some were quit vocal about it on voip too. Comments from public players included (paraphrasing): "Best organisation I've ever seen in this game" when one was comparing our play to their experience with other outfits, "Actually spotting and calling out directions", "Exactly what I'm looking for, "Thanks"...

As I said, 't was a ball. Thanks to the squadleaders, exceeding expectations.