Rage makes a great case for using the VR as a place for training as a sniper. Virtual training rooms for training in virtual warfare.

This post is a great TG read:

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I'd love that idea BigAl and I agree with the concept of training with little enemy present to promote training and technique and the principle could also be applied to having no enemy present but in firmly held ground. I agree also with the idea of playing with the core players, those who get on PS2 regularly (which was my meaning of "TG commitment" made in another post). You can't train people who casually get on-line because your training would be in various stages of training all the time.

I'm glad the 'tower siege' plan worked as outlined in your strategic guide, I had no doubt it would show positive results.

I encourage all players who want to excel at this game or anything in life for that matter to put forth the time and effort to learn, training (practice), and apply that is the well known and proven formula for success.

For any training I do, I would start in VR....why? Because the infil/sniper role relies on a few more complicated factors.........

timing - knowing when to cloak and uncloak and how much time do you have between the 2 actions, it eventually become instinctual but you have to start with the timing.
Reading reticule - Each scope is different and compensation has to be made for the 'bullet drop' over distance
Location - where do you go to provide the most benefit for the role and the support of the squad

These are static techniques and can be learned in VR.......and practiced alone once you learn the basic foundations without anyone else being there.

This is not an attempt to hijack this great thread but to expand on it with regard to Al's suggestions. Thank's for the advice Al.