Could TG represent a model that could be the foundation for training the soldier of the near future?

The long history of gaming in military training

"As computers have become ubiquitous across the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines that make up the military services, it has become possible to envision an environment in which these customers or players can use their own computers as the clients in a global, server-based training system. Millions of potential trainees or players could connect to servers to run collaborative training on their own schedules. The servers would need to deliver specific content to each player according to his or her role and the skills that they are trying to learn. It would be impossible to manually deliver specific content to each of the millions of servicemen and women around the world. Instead, the servers would have to supply the necessary content and connections on demand. The means of establishing such a system are currently beyond the capabilities of the military networks, servers, and clients that are available. But the shadows of such a future can be seen in the demands for custom training, the shift to constant operations, and the types of innovations that are emerging in the commercial spaces for games and internet-based interactions. "