Thirty-five years ago, for a very brief time in the summer of 1980 (or perhaps '79) I wore the uniform of a Canadian Naval Reservist (as part of a modest 8 week summer program designed to introduce high school graduates into the military service). I wore the ceremonial white belt, carried the standard rifle fitted with the bayonet, and stayed after hours late in the evenings to train with the honour guard. So when a reservist wearing a white belt carrying a ceremonial rifle (no ammo) with fixed bayonet was shot and killed five blocks from my house yesterday I felt it. My father stands at that cenotaph, our national war memorial, every year wearing his service medals. He felt it. Our nation stands there today and feels it. Together we mourn the senseless death of a fine young man, Nathan Cirillo, murdered by a coward, a common criminal whose name is not worth repeating.

The coward was soon killed by a brave 58 year old man, Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, charged with the security of the House of Commons and Parliament Hill. Vickers is a man who does not tolerate those who are different. He embraces them and ensures that they are welcome among us.

Canada will not tolerate the other, those who are different, those who worship other gods and hold other values. We do far more than merely tolerate difference. We embrace the diversity that makes us human and by embracing the other we will provide all our children with a life of peace, order, and good government.