An interesting read from the New York Times today about gamers:

Some victims are well-known professional video game players like Mr. Eubanks, who has 386,000 followers on Twitter and a regular schedule of live-streaming practices and competitions on Twitch, the most popular live video site for gamers.

Traditional celebrities, those in the entertainment industry, are still targets. Last week, police officers responded to a false report of a shooting at the Miami Beach home of the rapper Lil Wayne.

Gamers, though, appear to have easily overtaken them as swatting victims. They are among the most avid live streamers around, so much so that Amazon bought their favored broadcasting service, Twitch, last year for around $1 billion. Game culture, too, is plagued by rivalries and grievances that can quickly turn toxic.
I suspect two things will emerge in popular culture. More areas of life will be part of live streaming (I have live streamed silly things like me typing, my fish tank, house cleaning) and more people will become targets of swatting.