Not as bad as first impressions. Playing with medium graphics setting really sucks the art out of the visuals -- will have to replay down the road with new build.

Not into the whole build-it stuff -- more likely to appeal to the Mine craft/Sim-city type of player that likes to do such stuff in virtual reality.

Narrative still suffers from any compelling drama, reason to move forward. Will see if it heats up (still only at level 10).

For me, best way to play is god mode with a rocket launcher in hand -- nice explosion effects and no time wasted in pew pew pew mode.

Saw some crazy player-building (ejaculating penis -- YouTube video) so the game has that going for it.

Mostly the game feels empty -- no one else (real people) around.

All in all, a good distraction but I keep returning to Planetside 2 for complex TG-Style teamwork (here is looking at you vts!).