I've been suffering from packet loss to Planetside 2's Mattherson server since early July, it kinda fixed itself for a brief period and isn't as bad during off hours but it's pretty much keeping me out of any real action at the moment.

I can connect to the west coast servers and the EU servers fine, but all the East coast PS2 servers are bad for me, especially more so at their prime times.
I don't think the problem is at my end, since I don't have issues elsewhere, but alas, I'm not getting anywhere with tech support. I feel the problem lies either with the server itself, or the way my ISP routes to the server right before the final hop, as ping plotter suggests I only seem to be loosing packets there.

The ironically good news however, is that my ISP (o2) are selling their services off to Sky at the end of the year, and although my ISP has, for the vast majority, been fantastic for the many years I have been with them, it means that I just took the opportunity to order me a new 76Mb fibre optic connection. So providing the problem isn't with the actual server, which I doubt to be honest as everyone would be effected, hopefully by the end of August all my woes will be behind me and I can get back to doing some serious damage on Auraxis :)