Dear TG,

Quick and Dirty
I have a technical issue which is making it impossible for me to play both ArmA II/III, and Planetside 2.

As a result you will not see me in either game for a bit. Can still do editor work (slowly) in ArmA, but that is all.

I am working on it. If I can fix it I will, if I cannot I will get a new computer in a few months. Hopefully I can fix it.

The details are:
Getting severe frame rate drops on all modern games. (ArmA II, ArmA III, Planetside, etc.) Game runs fine for 30 seconds, then drops to 1 fps (basically freezes) for about 5-10 seconds, then repeats. Makes effective play impossible. If I go back to year 2000 games this doesn't happen generally. (Although occasionally it still does.)

Also several games "double load." That is, the loading screen appears, and the bar moves across the screen as it loads. However, once it is done loading (bar complete/100%) it then goes into the game. I can see out of my charecter's eyes, for a few seconds. Then it goes back to the loading screen and loads again, this time in about 1/3 the time of previous loading. Then it goes back into the game, and I can play. (With the frame rate drops every 30 seconds.)

For your information.