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To me any PvP game which implements conquest is really, really, shallow. Yes, that includes my beloved BF2142. (EDIT) Er, to clarify, the game mode in that particular game. BC2 and BF2142 both have other game modes so the games, in those modes, aren't shallow.

The reason is simple, the basic premise of conquest is to avoid conflict. Here's why. The most common setup is with 3 points. Let's call them A, B, C. The enemy has A and B, you have C and you need to take another point to gain ground in whatever game mechanic the developers have implemented. A is strongly defended, B is lightly defended. Which do you go for? B, of course! Why go against their main force when you can just mop up a few stragglers?

A is solely defended. B, of course! Why fight when you can have it for free.

At no time in a conquest style map, when you know how the points are defended, will anyone say "Guy, guys, they're at A, let's hit them there!"

So the end result is a whole bunch of running around hoping you never see the enemy!

If that weren't bad enough there's companion problem on defense. "Well, someone's gotta guard B." Say the points are fairly linear but there's no point lockout on what you can take. Someone's gotta stay back in case there is an unexpected breakthrough. This is especially pernicious in the BF series today with the spawn-on-a-person mechanic. A lone person can quickly become 4-6. So the smart defensive play is to have people hang back from the main action. If there's no breakout guess what they do? A whole lot of nothing.

This is why most modern FPS games include mods other than conquests. Mode which are normally more popular than conquest.



You can't avoid the enemy. You can't just use the default conquest strategy of "Let's not go there as that's where the enemy is." Nope. When your objective is behind those enemies, you must engage them and you must defeat them.

CTF, Payload, CP (AAS on PR, Rush on BC2) all have objectives which concentrate the action into fronts. Makes the teams face one another instead of dance around one another. Ensures that even defensive action is going to see action because you can't just "Cap B and C and hold."

To win you must fight. Any game mode that discourages that conflict is flawed.