A mission/Multiplayer Campaign ive had the idea of its Lietenant Alexei Borshki Fighting in a prolonged war against communist rebels set in 1961
(im also toying with the idea of having Commisars Shooting soldiers who disobey orders may be a little cruel though)

5/9/62 23:57

Terrible news The revolt has worsened the communists are gaining support each day by the looks of it they will outnumber us soon i fear for the lives of my men who are little more than drafted farmers. tomorrow we are taking back the city we try every day pay for every inch in blood and yet the communists show no signs of surrender or defeat. Yesterdays assault was brushed aside Vojtech (the Finnish guy)was shot by the Commisar for Disobeying orders and falling back when Alpha got overrun or so the rumors go.

The men are talking of tomorrows battle the conscripts are excited the veterans not so much. there have been whispers of American help in the form of supplies and weaponry due to the fear that the communists will overthrow our nation.I dont even see the point in this civil war anymore months of fighting has worn down our morale whats so bad about equality why must the poor suffer while the rich live in Luxuary

Lietenant Alexei Borshki
7th Mechanized Battalion

Hopefully you liked it since its not very well written (the mission is abouts 75% done)