Im sorry that i will have to depart from arma 2 and tg for some time i dont know whether for just a few weeks or forever
i just really cant sum up in words the reasons fpr leaving it may be from the depression i have caught from splitting up with a partner and also the loss of my precious dog and more importantly companion which has made me more depressed than you could ever imagine it may just be me overreacting but i say goodbye for now as whenever i switch on a game i immediately lose intrest and break down.

but i wont forget the good times ive had at tg from october met some great peopple and learnt many things but if i dont come back i wish you all good luck and if i do come back i hope to see you all okay and well in the future and that you all have fun and i actually recover from this massive sadness and i can get back to playing.

p.s if i overreacted sorry :(

Thanks TG