So I wear a few different hats when it comes to what I do for a living. Right now I'm an accountant, have been in the transition of taking over my fathers business the last few years, this being the first year that he is not around at all (enjoying a well deserved retirement in Florida right now).

I have inherited his entire client list, there a quite a number of older folks (75-90+) so I have learned to deal with death and with the families surrounding it. The circumstances are all different ranging from a 19yr old who was randomly shot walking home to his apartment to a 92yr old who passed away in his favorite chair at home. In all of these cases they have been people that we have known for years and have a rapport with.

Tonight I had a follow up appointment with a new client, a nice middle aged (40ish) couple. I first meet them 2 weeks ago, a really neat pair. When the husband arrived tonight without his wife I didn't think anything of it. We started talking and he quietly mentioned that his better half had left him, I wasn't sure what he meant at first unsure as to whether this meant they had split up or something worse. It was something worse. She died 2 days ago completely unexpected, and he was sitting in my office trying to talk to me about taxes and what should be done. He was in obvious shock still, going through the motions. "I am here because that is what she would have wanted" is what he told me.

I think I did right in how I dealt with him.

It got me thinking though, we take life for granted almost every day of our lives. It can change so quickly...........I think I'm going to let my wife know I love her.