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Here is a story about a bad spill that had my g500 on life support but after a careful surgery I have saved it from the brink of coffee-related death. I have experience ripping apart a lot of electronics and was able to fix it, so hopefully this helps someone if they are as clumsy as me.

At first I tried to contain the spill from dripping off the desk, and threw the mousepad in the sink, and then realized that the g500 had taken significant coffee splash, and the status/DPI setting lights were FLASHING which never happens.

Panicked, I ripped the usb from my comp ASAP, and tried to absorb as much as possible with paper towels. At this point, it would have been certain doom to plug it back in, so it was time to rip it apart and get every last trace of coffee.

Taking the mouse apart was surprisingly weasy if you know what to look for. To get the main casing off, you need to strip off the glide stickers on the bottom, which have small indents to pry a tiny flat-head screwdriver or preferably plastic scribe tool into. There is one underneath the + cutout which is on the middle logitech sticker.

To take the cover off, take all the screws out which are under the stickers (5 or 6 ?) and pry the edges with pastic scribe.

Once getting the cover off I used a paper damp paper towel to clean everything off, and then an isopropyl-alcohol swab to wipe the circuit boards clean - this is much faster drying than water and designed for electronics.

With the cover off, you take another 3 screws out which allows removal of the button-cover and there was lots of coffee in there to clean up - sticky buttons suck.

After taking ever single piece I could get apart (did not have screwdriver short enough to get the mini-pcb on the cover piece), cleaned it all and left out to dry near a window for 3-4 hours. Just plugged it back in and it works just like new, no sticky buttons or coffee smell!