So heyloes, hows everyone?

Had a random idea yesterday afternoon whilst trying to stay awake in work. Was thinking I'm nearly 22 and still haven't done anything really mental, or that exciting. (I'm hard to please.)

So I thought, why not set myself some crazy challenge that I need to complete over the year between 22 and 23. This took me to thinking away at my goals in life, etcetera etcetera and I figured I can't be bothered doing a solo album. Sex change would be too inconveinient in the long run, got a new haircut last week. Then I got a text from a friend of mine whos always trying to get me to sign up to bookface. I used the usual retort - 200 friends, about 20 of them actually met.

Then I lol'd.

So... 'Challenge' is - meet as many as possible, but top target is 1,000, interesting people over the year between 7 Sep 2010 and 7 Sep 2011, and add them to facebook. Because I mean, seriously, how many people does the average person meet in a year? Well, maybe by this time next year half of Glasgow will know / heard of me should I go ahead with the insanity.

The rules are such - I will create a Facebook account in my own name.

I will go out onto streets, into restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, Houses, flats, villas (If invited, of course!), parties, social events of whatever sorts, random places and massive etceteras to come.

I will meet and talk to random people. Random being subjective of course. I'm not going to talk to psycho bob the meathook bunny boiler fish man guy Fred. I don't imagine he'd make good facebook friend stock material. If I find anyone I meet interesting, I will ask for their facebook.

Note - Must have been talking to them for long enough to be able to learn their name, what they are into and get a good feel for their 'vibe' or whatev' the cool kids be callin it now. Not gonna have time for dinner and a movie.

I will keep a diary of these encounters, in a vague attempt to remember people. Getting a pic might help also, but may be a tad socially awkward in foresight.

I will not add anyone I haven't met before / don't meet. Should I get a random add I will first enquire as to who they are, just incase I happened to forget someone. Should I actually know them +add friend. If I don't, bye bye.

Any friends I already have / people I have already met can be added, but I must meet them again after starting the challenge for it to be legal to add them. ( I don't consider this cheating as If I go for the target I'll have to meet 2-3 people for every day. I could use a head start ;P)

What I get from this - Lols, a story to tell to the grandkids. Chance to meet awesome people (Not that I didn't have it to start with, but meh.).

Funny thought - If by end of the year I am successful in 1,000 I'll possibly be ranked #1 on facebook for friends, who you have actually met in real life. Which would be funny. Might even be a world record lol. Must research.

Anyway, just wanted to share the mind and ask a wee question. So, the question, do you lot think this is doable? Is 1,000 too much? Am I gonna give up after a week or two? Am I going to meet someone I'll regret and end up in Hospital? Do I need another new haircut, perhaps a perm? Maybe I should stop thinking random and just ground myself in reality? Would you add me to your facebook if we met and you had a laugh, despite knowing it was all part of a personal challenge? Would you lol if it was halfway through and I only had round 20 friends? Perhaps a perm?

See it's funny in a way, I make a habit of going out sarging (for those of you aware of the term) every now and then, sometimes solo, sometimes with a couple of the guys, whatever works. Generally I find people to actually be open to talking and meeting new people, but never doing so themselves 'because it's wierd'. I actually lost a few friends myself when I started doing so, purely because I did talk to random people that seemed fun, or more to the point, attractive on a night out. That annoys me. People should be more out and up to getting to know real other people making friends with everyone and shtuff instead of slumming it with their friends in the corner of some random pub / street on a night out doing a whole lot of nothing but wasting time. We're a social race as it is, so why so a-to-antisocial half the time? (Rant concluded)

In all serioushness though, I'm still very much on the fence on wether I'm gonna go through with this or not

Thankies for reading!

( TL:DR Random J goes a bit more random and a random amount more insane. And wants perm. Perhaps? )