I have taken off some time from my hobby and TG. The reasons number many but that might be for another post.....

Since my 'return' I have come to love Arma2:PR. My goal is to start to post more and get more activity into our forums at TG for this mod. I know at one point we had a server and such but I do not know what happened to it, be it a lack of administration ON the server, the server administrators themselves, issues with the DEVs and our administration....whatever, the point being now is I have to venture out to another Clans server to get my new found love's fix.

I have also redone my rig and and one or two steps away from getting it to where I would like it to be for the release of Arma3 and the subsequent release of PR. With these upgrades I am not able to FRAPS my game play. This is something that I have always wanted to do and like the title of my first blog, the adventure begins in filming.

As you will see I am not very good yet, but I hope to start to upload videos of what it means to be TG tagged player playing the games we love. I am still getting the hang of recording input, HD quality and other things like so many of our community members excel at. So tips and helpful constructive critique is always welcome of anything I do. All of my videos for the time being will be "raw" footage that is un-edited so that you can get the full scope of what the situation is and how you can see me react to them. Yes, some of the parts may be a little boring, but that is what the seek feature is in youtube!! :)

So to end the begning..... I have a YouTube channel now and I will try and start to blog.....it is not my favorite thing to do, but it may help shed some light to others and how I think and the reasons behind the stuff I do. Enjoy!!