Where no person has ever gone before.....Silly ad-libbed line from Cpt. Kirk of the Star-ship Enterprise! :)

Yes, I have played my first real heavy hitting round of PlanetSide 2 last night. I must say that this game has some outstanding potential here. We were able to transition from Mechanized squad to an infantry squad to a Mechanized Infantry squad seamlessly. What really strikes me is the scale of this game. I have never played the first addition of PS, so everything to me is completely new and foreign to me. It is taking some time to get accustomed to from playing Arma2:PR mod, but I feel that really this could be the same game, just different models.

During last nights round we were able to lead by example and capture objectives in a methodical method. It gained awareness on the server that we were on because I started to notice that other public players, random at best, started to work together as well. From flying air patrols and covering the convey's as we moved from objective to objective to flying CAP while infantry stormed the capture points.....It was really a site to see. Speaking of something to see, I was able to get our initial convoy of Vangards rolling into the Bio Lab capture area. A couple of things that I took note of was some of the lack of coms, and the major abuse of comms. It took several instances of the PL to get everyone to quite down when we were making our initial assult of the Bio Lab. We have to learn and understand there is a time for relaxed chit-chat comms and situational cooms; granted that sometimes I felt and caught myself maybe trying to say to much to my squad, but I tried to make sure it was all combat related.

So let me end by saying this......

This game has some outstanding potential here at TG, now lets build a great foundation of SOPs that will make everything that much more fluid!!!