Well a week down playing PS2 and Arma2:PR. What have I learned so far you say.....I learned that PS2 has a long way to go still and really only is fun when you have TG folks in it, and even then, those times are a little tough. I have learned that PS2 will still be amazing if we apply the right tactics to it. Im thinking that your going to have to play this game sort of like a board game of Risk or something similar. But still it is fun to be able to boot up and run a couple of missions or sorties on the game and then log back out. I am having issues with being able to buy weapons like I see others in my classes have, but I still have nothing available to me and I even spent money to play the beta and still no joy....ohh well google to the rescue!!! :)

On the front of Arma2:PR......Jesus where should I start at.... RGG seems to have lost their server due to what ever reasons and now the only server is being hosted by alpha networks, the PR sponsor. I do not have issues with this only for the fact that during my last play session the server lag was pretty bad. I had decent ping to the server, but the desync was unbearable, nothing like what RGG was hosting up. Swinging through their forums over at realitymod.com, there is only one post informing the community that there is now the only alpha networks server with a piss poor rule set....Act mature. What is mature to people who play this mod; mature is solely using RPGs to kill single infantry. Sitting in the hill with acogs and sniper riffles shooting people and not playing the objective. FUN....... Then there are the few people who actually do play the mod right but get no help from their team due to the fact that to counter the other non team players on the other side, they themselves take to the same action......FUN.....

Until the DEVs do something about that, or even do something about the rule set or admins their mod is going to go now where.....So much for that initiate from me to get to going on that mod... ruined by Day Z'ers who get done playing COD whatever version and bring the same mindset to this MILSIM...Good luck, ill try it again when new content comes out, or even so much as an hot fix to address the stupid rpgs and sniping, whenever that will be. This may seem like all negativity, but really it is looking at something that had so much potential (and still does). All is not lost, hope is still there so we will see. :)

I think there is something on the horizon with TG and a Delta server coming out. I do not know if it is SM only or if they will kick people (how ever they are going to do that) when slots fill up. I do not also know the rules of this server; if it is for the real hard core milsim guys or gals or if it is for more eye candy....who knows, but it is something that I am going to be keeping my eye on. Curiosity is getting the best of me, but I'm still on the fence on everything.