It's been 17 years to the day and I still remember watching it happen on an antiquated tv in front of me. The worst weekend in F1 history and the one to change it all. Rubens Barrichello's very lucky escape... Roland Ratzenberger's death during Saturday qualifying... the crash at the start on Sunday... then the absolutely tragic loss of the world's greatest driver - the one and only Ayrton Senna.

Some of you may be wondering who I'm talking about as you will not be old enough to remember. Some of you may know and not be interested. For those of you that do remember this, take of your hats.

I've just watched a 20 minute video on Facebook which has brought tears to my eyes in memory. In fact I dare anyone not to get emotional when they watch it.

And another video of all those who paid the ultimate price for their love of F1. A reminder that none of us are as invincible as we wish we were.

R.I.P to them all