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I have to be honest, I was a sceptic when I heard about this. I have never been a fan boy of either Apple or Microsoft, but I am a huge iPhone fan. However, I also feel that Apple have been resting on their laurels a lot recently. While the software on iPhone is fine, or there abouts, and the App store is GREAT, the Hardware has been leaving me feeling cheated. Still no zoom on the camera, still no 5.0 mega pixel or above sensor, still no PROPER fully working push notification. Android has come on leaps and bounds, both in hardware and software, whereas iPhone has really stagnated. So the W7 phone came out, and WOW!

Of the bat I was impressed. As was everyone at Lifehacker and Gizmodo. Now, these are still early days, and things are not quite finished, as there is still no Twitter support (I hate twitter so whatever) and still a few issues, but at least Microsoft have learned from the past. They are investing HUGE amounts of money into this, they are putting down minimum requirements for the hardware, and with good quality companies out there I think this will go well. The inclusion of a Xbox live button excites me. I do not even own an xbox, but they are taking the gaming side seriously. Would this be something good enough to entice me away from iPhone? Maybe, and they still have a few months to go. Hopefully it pushes Apple into pulling the iPad out of their nether-regions and perhaps working on the hardware of the new iPhone which should be in line for a August or there abouts launch. I look forward to the new iPhone press conference when ever that will be.........I like the clear screen, the over the air sync, the WORKING push and social network integration, particularly into your contact page. I like the large writing, BUT hope it can be shrunk. Here is hoping for multitasking, true flash player abilities and with the developer tool-kit out in a month, for a good App store! Looks like an exciting summer for those in the Smart phone market, this could be really special, if Microsoft can FINALLY deliver on their Live! promise...........

I will provide some links and Gizmodos initial preview:


Windows 7 Phone homepage

Gizmodo Run-down

Gizmodo Hands-on video